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Law Offices of James P. Stoneman II

Claremont Employment Lawyer

The Claremont Law Offices of Employment Lawyer James P. Stoneman II has been devoted to representing plaintiff employees in actions against their employers or former employers for wrongful conduct for 32 years. A highly experienced Employment Attorney and Labor Law Lawyer, Attorney James Stoneman II has extensive experience obtaining substantial settlements (including multi-million dollar settlements) and judgments on behalf of employees who have been the victims of wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual or other discriminatory harassment, and wage & hour violations.

Contact Claremont Employment Law Attorney James P. Stoneman II at (909) 621-4987 for a telephone consultation, or to schedule a free initial in-office consultation. Conveniently located in Claremont, Mr. Stoneman represents parties in the Inland Empire and throughout Southern California. Chino Employment Attorney James P. Stoneman

The Law Offices of Claremont Employment Lawyer & Labor Attorney James P. Stoneman II represents clients in a wide variety of Employment Law matters, including but not limited to the following:

Disability Discrimination: – Actions for violation of both State and Federal Law, including the Americans with Disabilities Act. Representing clients in lawsuits for any type of unlawful discrimination against those with mental or physical disabilities, or failure to provide reasonable accommodations.

Employment Contracts: – Claremont Employment Lawyer James Stoneman II reviews, drafts, revises and negotiates employment contracts, including terms of employment, employee benefits, hiring bonuses, non-competition agreements, and severance packages.

Hostile Workplace Environment: – Under State and Federal Law, employers may be held liable to employees for fostering or allowing a hostile workplace environment. There are a vast number of conditions that may be deemed hostile under the law. Contact Attorney James P. Stoneman II at (909) 621-4987 for additional information.

Independent Contractor Misclassification: – If you have been hired as an independent contractor but you have reason to believe that you should actually qualify for employee status, we can help. There is a growing trend amongst employers to hire individuals on an independent contractor basis. However, if the employer retains complete control over your hours, duties and assignments, you may have the right to obtain employee status, and all the benefits & protections that are afforded employees.

Meal & Rest Breaks: – Both State & Federal Law mandate the number of meal and rest breaks that an employee must receive throughout the course of a workday. Failure to provide these breaks is against the law, and you could receive compensation for your employer’s wrongful conduct. Contact Claremont Employment Lawyer James P. Stoneman II at (909) 621-4987 for a free phone or in-office consultation.

Sexual Harassment: – Broadly defined, sexual harassment includes a wide variety of conduct, including unwanted touching, salacious comments, displaying or communicating sexually explicit photos, thoughts or ideas, and demanding sexual favors.

Whistleblower Protection: – If you have knowledge that your employer is engaging in illegal activity, the Whistleblower Protection Act shields employees from retaliatory action, including reduction in pay, loss of benefits, and termination. Call Attorney James Stoneman II at (909) 621-4987 if you have been the victim of constructive termination, discrimination or a reduction in status, benefits or pay as the result of filing a whistleblower claim.

Workplace Discrimination: – State & Federal Laws provide protection against discrimination for employees on the basis of age, gender, national origin, religion, and sexual orientation. Discrimination may include failure to hire, promote, provide benefits, harassment, and wrongful termination based upon any of the above.

Wage & Overtime Violations: – Employers must pay employees in a timely manner for all work performed. The pay rate must be in adherence with the minimum wage rates set by State Law, and overtime must be paid to all hourly employees. Failure to do so may result in your employer being liable to you for non-compliance.

At the Claremont Law Offices of Employment Lawyer & Labor Law Attorney James P. Stoneman II, we strive to ensure that employers treat all of their employees fairly and justly. Whenever an employer engages in unlawful conduct, we will fight for you to obtain proper monetary compensation.

If you have been the victim of disability discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, hostile workplace environment , or need assistance with any other Employment Law matter, please complete our Employment & Labor Law Case Evaluation Form. The Law Offices of Claremont Employment Attorney James P. Stoneman II will contact you to arrange a complimentary phone or in-office consultation.

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Claremont Employment Lawyer James P. Stoneman II represents clients in Claremont and throughout the Inland Empire and surrounding regions, including:

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